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Breathing Air Solution For Bush Fire Refuge Rooms

Supplier: Dräger

Breathing air solution for refuge rooms in bush fire endangered areas.


On 11th March 2009, the Building Amendment Interim Regulations 2009 designated the whole of Victoria as a bushfire prone area. As a result all new buildings must undergo a site assessment to determine the level of bushfire hazard and wether specific construction requirements apply. In its preliminary report the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission has not stated any specific recommendations for the construction of “safe places” or “safer places” yet. It can be assumed that the final report to be released in 2010 will have more specific recommendations in relation to such places.


In the interim the Royal Commission has acknowledged and recognised that people will find themselves in circumstances where they need to take shelter other than their homes. A “Plan B” or “Plan C” may be developed and the Commission proposes both government identified and managed refuges, and private arrangements by individuals.


The Commission has also recognised that it is highly unlikely that government refuges will be ready for this year’s fire season hence leaving individual home owners only one choice for their “Plan B”: A privately constructed “safe place”.


Designing a “Safe Place” obviously requires an in depth knowledge of possible risks and hazards associated with such places including oxygen deficiency and the build up of toxic gases and heat. Professional advice should be sought before the installation of any equipment. The design of “Safe Places” and related emergency plans should also be in line with the strategies and plans of the local fire fighting authorities.


Through its long term relationship with many fire services across Australia Dräger is well known for its quality breathing air solutions for a wide range of applications including fire fighting, mining and marine environments. Based on this experience Dräger has designed a flexible, cost effective, reliable, easy to use and low maintenance breathing system which can be implemented in any “safe place”. The system can be adapted to an unlimited number of users and is able to supply air for a virtually unlimited time frame.


In the future and based on the Royal Commissions final recommendations Dräger will also be able to offer safe breathing solutions for community refuges, schools, kinder gardens and any other place which may require a special breathing system.