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Brevini - Other Planetary Gearbox Products

Supplier: Brevini Australia

Mixer Gears, Other gearboxes and Pump drives


  • Mixer Gears

    • Brevini's range of mixer drives are planetary gear units modified to meet the operating requirements of water conditioners and of mixers in chemical, ceramic and paper producing industries.
    • The mixer drives combine the traditional advantages of Brevini's planetary technology - compactness and high efficiency - with the characteristics of strength and reliability.
    • The flexibility of the mixer drive design provides users with a number of construction options, including in-line and right-angle configurations, and the facility to directly mount a motor to the gearbox via a flange.
    • Alternatively, a male input shaft configuration may be used with connection effected by a flexible coupling or pulley.

  • Other Gearboxes

    • In specific sectors and applications, where it is necessary to provide innovative and versatile solutions to power transmission problems,Brevini's modular planetary gearboxes are the right choice: in mobile machines and industrial equipment as well.
    • Starting from the Customer's requirements, our gear units can add configurations, motors, brakes and accessories, in order to customize the transmission system to the specific segment of application: cattle feed mixers (see picture on left), concrete mixer, snow cats, power shift and gearboxes for drilling equipment, packages with right-angle gear units or with input worm reduction set.

  • Pump drives

    • The Brevini pump drive gear units can drive up to 5 pumps from a single prime mover: diesel engine or electric motor.
    • Each size is available either as speed reducer or as speed multiplier. We offer two versions on the input side: with SAE flange or with ADI solution.
    • The internal features (the central input gear is case hardened and is integral with the shaft) lead to longer product life and lower noise.
    • Our pump drives are successfully installed in agricultural, road and utility machines, fishing boats, industrial equipment.

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