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BS&B - IPD Explosion Suppression Systems.

Supplier: HMA Group

The BS&B IPD Explosion Suppression system detects the earliest stage of a deflagration by sensing the pressure wave that comes ahead of the flameball and uses this signal to activate delivery of an extinguishing agent into the developing flameball to suppress it before reaching destructive proportions.


A typical system consists of a Sensor, Power Supply Module, System Monitor and several Explosion Suppression "Cannons". The quantity, size and location of sensors and cannons are determined for each application.

Successful suppression of a deflagration results in a reduced explosion pressure; a low pressure peak within the process equipment. The developing flameball is injected with food-grade sodium bicarbonate that extinguishes from the inside; therefore showing no evidence, externally from the process, that a deflagration event occurred.

The requirement to isolate process equipment can be easily achieved using suppression system technology. When the sensor detects the early stages of the deflagration, not only are the main suppressing cannons activated but at the same time an isolation cannon is activated on each duct creating a chemical block on the duct and
thus preventing the deflagration from moving upstream or downstream.

Chemical isolation systems should be deployed with vented equipment to protect both upstream process equipment and even clean air exhaust systems that return into the process.

BSB Safety Systems Products include: 

  • Tension Loaded Discs /Tension Loaded Disks
  • Reverse Buckling Rupture Discs
  • Sanitary Rupture Discs / Sanitary Rupture Disks
  • Metal Rupture Discs
  • Graphite Rupture Discs / Graphite Disks
  • Explosion Vents / Explosion Panels
  • Buckling Pin Relief Valves (BPRV)
  • Rupture Disc Sizing Software & Services
  • Rupture Disc Sensors
  • High Temperature. Vents
  • High Temp Panel
  • Burst Alert Sensors 



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