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BS&B - VENT SAF PLUS Explosion Vents

Supplier: HMA Group

BS&B offers a complete line of Explosion Vents. They are available in both round or rectangle styles and designed to be mounted on the structure to be protected using a safety frame. Individual Type VSB vents can be made to fit the available building apertures that achieve the required vent area for deflagration venting. Type VSB vents are available in sizes up to 56” x 120” (1.2m x 3m) and with set pressures as low as 4” Water Column / 0.14psi (10mBar).


The type of Explosion Vents offered includes:

  • Types VSP™ and VSS™ - Domed single section metal explosion vents with integral gaskets. The dome resists vacuum and vacuum cycling.
  • Type VSE™ - A flat, single section metal explosion vent with integral gaskets designed for near static operating pressures.
  • Type EXP™ a flat vent with a slotted 316 SS top section and FEP/PTFE Seal. Type EXP/V™ provides vacuum support.
  • Type EXP/DV™ - a round domed explosion vent of composite construction with integral vacuum support and gaskets.
  • Type LCV™ - a flat explosion vent of composite construction with integral gaskets.
  • Type HTV™ - a lightly domed vent designed for high temperature service to 1,000°F (538°C) and above.

VSB Vent Benefits:

  • Lowest available vent set pressure
  • Zero maintenance of functional parts
  • Low mass, simple installation
  • Designed for non fragmentation
  • Available translucent construction
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Simple replacement

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