Case study: Videofied protects suburban residential development

We recently completed a Videofied installation for a developer who needed to protect his site of 12 Townhouses.

He had been experiencing issues with break-ins, vandalism and theft. This wasn’t the only problem, with every delay to completing his costs were rising. With every scratched window pane, every copper theft, every graffiti or loss of product and fittings, our customer had to bring his project either slow it down or bring it to a halt. He then had to reorder what he required and wait for delivery. Then he had to ensure his subcontractors were available and schedule them to complete the work.

All this took time and more importantly money.

The cost to him was $7,500 per week!!

All of this comes off his profit margins. All this could have been stopped had he installed Videofied on site earlier. His site would have been protected, any intrusion would have been detected and the Police dispatched. Now he has had this installed as he finishes up and there have been no further issues since. He will be moving the system to his next project and to everyone from now on.

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