Combat & Restraining Equipment

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Combat equipment, personal protection and restraining equipment refer to the different types of security and safety equipment and products designed for use by law enforcement agents or personnel working in security industry or those receiving combat training.

Some examples of combat equipment, personal protection and restraining equipment are tactical vests, combat gloves, head guards, handcuffs, batons, handgun slings, binoculars, combat training mats, combat training replica guns and mini targets.

Some combat equipment, personal protection and restraining equipment suppliers also offer combat training courses for individuals as well as corporate clients.

Security, Police & Safety Equipment
SIGNAL ONE is the most comprehensive law enforcement and security uniform and equipment supplier in Australia. For the past fifteen years we have been offering a wide range of quality security uniforms and security equipment specifically designed to enhance the law enforcement and security industries. Gimbel, Magnum, SWAT, Mag-Lite and Streamlight are only a few of the hundreds of brands ...
Protection Services, Asset Protection
Regroup is headquartered in Australia and managed by Australian ex-military personnel. Regroup operates in some of the world’s most hazardous, lawless and hostile environments including Afghanistan and Iraq. We define 'hostile environments' as any region of the world experiencing diminished law and order, terrorism, civil war, kidnapping, kidnap-for-ransom and unlawful detention. Regroup's ...