Complete safety access taken to the limit

Supplier: Sayfa Group
20 August, 2010

When it comes to safe access at heights, due diligence with regard to choosing the right stair, step ladder, fold down ladder, bridge or walkways/guardrails for the specific height, application and location is critical.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that each product installed meets the performance and manufacturing requirements of Australian Standards.

Sayfa is proud that Melbourne's new internationally recognised Rectangular Stadium is using its range of modular access and height safety solutions for the most demanding safety applications within the stadium structure.

Modular ladders provide a rapid, cost effective access solution to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms.

Sayfa's KATT rung ladders' precision and unique profile design ensures a high level of safety and confidence for building and maintenance crew. The prefabricated modular system ensures easy and rapid on site assembly, with no welding required. The lightweight, high strength aluminium construction is industrial rated and requires minimum ongoing maintenance.

Designated walkways ensure restricted routes and limit unauthorised access to "No Go" zones, safeguarding workers' lives.

The revolutionary and versatile ON-TRAK Walkway System is an advanced non-slip walkway for access to roof mounted plant and equipment and safe access over brittle or other risk areas while also ensuring the lifespan of commercial and industrial roof decks. This non-metallic, non-corrosive, fire retardant FRP roof walkway system incorporates a multidirectional surface matrix which requires less fixing penetrations in roofdeck.

Step ladders, stairs and platforms offer a high level of safety for personnel requiring frequent access to service platforms, machinery, roof decks and other maintenance areas. These systems allow safe access and egress for workmen with necessary tools/ equipment to undertake maintenance on all essential service items such as condensers, air conditioners, fans or any other roof mounted equipment.

The ALTO range of stairs, step ladders and platforms provides safe and easy access to varying height applications including mezzanine levels. The compact, modular design ensures easy delivery, on site assembly and installation. ALTO stairs and platforms incorporate handrails and knee rails for added protection and stability of the user.

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