Compression "O" Ring Fittings

Supplier: Stream Australia

Compression "O" Ring Fittings are joined quickly and easily by hand and offer the advantage of being removable and reusable.

Compression fittings manufactured under ISO 9002 Quality System and have Standards Mark Licence No 2018-AS4129.

Air seal is provided by a heavy duty O-Ring and pipe is securely held by split grip ring and nut. Extensive research and experience has confirmed our confidence in the range of fittings offered being of the highest quality and reliability. These fittings are approved by the manufacturer for compressed air applications and, whilst they are conservatively rated at PN16 (16 bar)/20degC/50 years for other applications, with a view to an additional safety factor for compressed air, we recommend these fittings for installations subject to conditions not exceeding 10 bar pressure at constant average temperature of 40degC.

The majority of installations would be expected to average less than these conditions. For conditions above these, fusion welded fittings should be

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