Container scales streamlines plant's testing procedures

Supplier: QWM / Accuweigh By: Gary Bryant
17 March, 2011

A set of container scales at Nestle’s Gympie plant in Queensland were recently modified by Accuweigh’s Brisbane branch to streamline testing and calibration procedures.

The QWM skeletal design container scale is installed under an overhead gantry crane to allow containers to be weighed after they have been removed from trucks. The original testing procedure required known test weights to be placed inside an empty shipping container which was then lifted onto the container to acquire the weight reading.

This process was repeated with the test weights located in different positions within the shipping container to ensure each of the four load cells were performing correctly. The process was then repeated at all the various weight capacities as required by Weights & Measures Regulations for trade Approved Scales.Although accurate, this process usually took all day to perform which caused significant delays twith unloading incoming shipping containers until the container scale testing was completed.

QWM’s recent modification included fitting steel plates to form a weighing deck to allow test weights to be positioned directly onto the container scales. Other modifications were made to the crane to allow it to lift the certified test weights using chains and bars and bypassing the need to lift a shipping container holding the certified test weights.

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