Containers & Enclosures

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Containers and enclosures suppliers provide effective and safe storage solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors by designing and manufacturing a wide range of indoor and outdoor containers and enclosures that are compliant to Australian safety standards for storage of general and hazardous wastes as well as dangerous goods.  

Examples of containers and enclosures include trash cans, can liners, recycling containers, safety cabinets (for storing flammable or corrosive liquids, oxidising agents or toxic substances), gas storage modules or restraint systems, laboratory cabinets, medical cabinets, workshop storage units, spill containment units, outdoor drum storage units, bulk containers, bunded tank containers (or storage tanks), water treatment tanks, storage bins, and mobile waste containers. Custom-made containers and enclosures are also available to meet specific storage needs. Some containers and enclosures suppliers also provide containers hiring services.

Many containers and enclosures suppliers also provide containers and enclosures accessories, such as spill containment trolleys and caddies, drum storage trolleys and dollies, drum decanting decant unit, wall mounted eyewash and deluge drench shower (for decontamination in the event of a spill), flat racks and bases. 

FTS specialise in the design and manufacture of storage tanks for fuel, chemicals, water and waste, silos for dry products and specialty vessels for industrial processing. FTS make an extensive range ...