Conveyor Belt Join & Splice | Super-Screw®

The Super-Screw® Belt Join and Splice is a fully reliable alternative to hot and cold splicing of conveyor belts, it is easy to fit and will get your production up and running in a very short time, all you need is a cordless drill and driver to complete the process.

Features and Benefits of the Super-Screw® Belt Join and Splice:

  • Solving the requirements of the initial installation and the requirements during the maintenance
  • Quick installation
  • Installation without need of physical strength
  • Installation during all weather condition
  • No need/use of expensive equipment
  • No need of highly skilled operators
  • Wear and cut resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Leak proof
  • Flexible (torsion in all directions, over pulley, elongation)
  • Compatible with small pulley diameter
  • Compatible with conveyor scrapers
  • Economical
  • Warning of deterioration
  • Construction
  • Multiply textile carcass
  • Rubber as cover material
  • Metal inserts under the rubber
  • Self tapping screws for fixing the fastener on the belt
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