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Cost savings in road asset management

Supplier: Earthco Projects
17 April, 2014

During maintenance and planning of a road, the in-situ conditions and proximity of suitable materials are of major consideration. Australian-made PolyCom Stabilising Aid can save time and money.

When selecting suitable materials for road construction, clay content is a common problem. With even a small amount of active clay mineral present in the soil, the material is often considered unsuitable for its intended use.

In this case, new materials are sourced from a borrow pit – the subsequent cost of materials and transportation adding significant expense to the project.

Using PolyCom, existing materials can be treated simply and economically, rendering previously 'substandard' materials appropriate for use. As a result, the costly exercise of transporting borrow pit materials is largely eliminated.

As the cost of PolyCom is typically less than half the cost of building a road with new materials, many more kilometres of road can be managed within the same budget. Alternatively, more money can be allocated for a seal or accompanying works (such as drainage mechanisms and curbs), as far less is spent on the layer works of the road.

Where suitable gravels exist, an application of PolyCom to these materials minimises deterioration. And should penetration of water beneath the seal occur, maintenance and repair work is restricted to that of the seal only.

Unlike conventional stabilisers, when stabilising a road layer with PolyCom, no working period or time limit applies. This adds further potential cost savings, eliminating machinery downtime in the event of wet weather.