Could things flow better in your factory?

Supplier: Stream Australia
09 December, 2011

Managers around Australia have discovered that Maxair Pipe cuts costs and boosts productivity.

It's ultra-strong

  • You could run into Maxair Pipes with a forklift.
  • Unlike copper pipes that flatten, Maxair Polymer Pipes will bounce back.
  • It's flexible, so there's no fatigue. Instead, it absorbs compressor vibrations.
  • Even next to a scorching metal roof on a December day, the pipes won't burst. In fact, tests have shown that Maxair Pipes will perform for 50 years under heated conditions of over 60ºC - and still maintain an excellent pressure rating of 130psi.

Will not corrode

The polymer material means that you will never again have to deal with the dangerous safety problems of metallic corrosion and rusting - your OH&S officer will love the Maxair system too.

How tough?

Maxair's Pipe is used at the Melbourne and Tooroonga Park Zoos to protect 3 tonne breaking strain marine rope from being destroyed by lions, bears and elephants.

Three ways Maxair pays for itself

If Maxair was an employee asking for a 10% raise, here's 3 reasons you would know they deserved it...

  1. Its pressure rating is 60% better than its competitors - that means that your employee would work 60% harder and faster than other employees.
  2. It comes with a 50 year warranty (and a projected life span of 100+ years). That means that the employee would never take a sick day.
  3. It's reliable, ultra-strong, completely safe and complies with AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS. This employee does everything by the book.

You do the sums, an employee (and a product) like this is PRICELESS

You'll speak to people who are professionals in "air pipes". Our constant research and development puts us at the forefront of the industry - to give you the best for your business.

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