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Council specified PolyCom Stabilising Aid in road stabilisation

Supplier: Earthco Projects
12 May, 2011

Recently, the latest PolyCom Stabilising Aid innovation was put into practice, as part of a road stabilising contract, with great results.

The PolyCom Dry Spreader was used to spread PolyCom in powder form over an area of 200m2 that had been ripped to a depth of 150mm.

Road stabilising was required in a failed patch that is used by logging trucks.

The Dry Spreader was easily attached to the front of a profiler and the PolyCom was dispersed across a width of 6 metres.

The ground was too moist so the choice of spreading PolyCom in powder form with the Dry Spreader instead of distributing it in water with a water cart was an easy one to make.

The area was graded, trimmed and thoroughly compacted. This patch was sealed two days later and PolyCom Stabilising Aid will protect the area from traffic and water damage in the interim period.

Because the road is used by logging trucks it was decided to incorporate PolyCom into the repair process so the patch can with withstand the traffic effectively.

Council's decision to use PolyCom Stabilising Aid enabled the project to be completed more quickly, more economically and more easily than traditional stabilising methods without comprising on quality, longevity and resilience.