Dense Phase Conveyors

Kockums Bulk Systems offers a range of Pneumatic Conveying vessels (PCVs) for conveying powders and granules over a large range of conveying distances and rates.

By utilising the Dense Phase method of pneumatic conveying, the lowest possible velocity (therefore lowest wear) and maximum conveying rate for a given pipe size is assured. Particular attention is paid to maximising energy efficiency.  

A wide range of candidate powders such as Portland cement, fly ash, chemicals, foodstuffs, plastic granules and grains have been conveyed.   

The rugged construction and small number of moving parts ensures system longevity with sustained performance.

  • Pressure Vessel construction to AS1210
  • Full range of valve specifications available
  • Suitable for mining, and other heavy duty and aggressive environments
  • Stainless Steel available for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals
  • Conveying rates from 1 to 100 Te per hour plus
  • Conveying distances from 5 to 1000m plus
  • Abrasive products handled
  • Highest level of dust management
  • Fully instrumented and self contained, just connect air and power
  • Full engineering service offered, from concept to commissioning
  • Purpose built oil free compressors available
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