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DF868-Fixed-Install. Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter

Supplier: GE Sensing

The DF868 Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter is a fixed-installation meter based on the company’s TransPort® PT868 Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter. The DF868 is available with two built-in measuring modes.


GE Panametrics’ transit-time mode, with the world’s most advanced signal coding and correlation detection methods, provides drift-free flow measurements in ultraclean to dirty liquids. This mode handles 80% of multiphase liquids—including fluids with gas bubbles, liquid droplets and entrained solids—that previously required Doppler-type meters because conventional transit-time meters failed.

Using advanced technology available only from GE Panametrics, a new, innovative TransFlection mode expands the DF868’s measuring capabilities even further. This includes the more difficult applications previously handled only by Doppler meters, such as raw sewage, sludge, slurries and other extremely attenuating multiphase fluids.

An optional dual-channel/dual-path model can be user-configured for a variety of uses including flow measurement in two different pipes, leak detection by measuring at two different locations on the same pipe, and dual-path measurement at one location for maximum accuracy.

Other standard features that make the DF868 the most powerful and versatile flowmeter available are built-in energy flow-measuring capability, using clamp-on or wetted RTDs; two independent user-programmable graphic LCDs, allowing simultaneous display of numerical flow data, logged data, real-time flow graphs or diagnostic waveforms; and a built-in 43,000 point datalogger.

Using clamp-on flow transducers, the DF868 measures flow rate through metal, plastic or even concrete-lined pipes without penetrating the pipe wall. Obstructionless wetted transducers are readily available for maximum performance. After proper installation, transit-time accuracies of better than 1% are achievable in most applications, matching the performance of factory-calibrated meters or meters using expensive spoolpieces. Measurement range is 0.1 to 40 ft/s for a turndown ratio of 400 to 1 in pipes from 1/2 inch to over 200 inches in diameter. Measurement is noncontaminating, obstructionless and causes no pressure drop. The DF868 is all digital so measurements don’t drift; and with no moving parts to wear out or orifices to clog, it never needs regular maintenance.

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