Draft Sight – pros and cons

Supplier: Intercad Pty Ltd By: Vernon Tang
30 May, 2012

Draft Sight is one of the leading 2D CAD programs that most designers are using.

While some find this program to be sufficient, some may be skeptical about using it. This article summarises the advantages and disadvantages that using this software may incur.

DraftSight is 2D CAD software that makes it easy to read, write, and share DWG files. This system can be used to draw, update, and maintain DWG files and .dxf files. Besides that, it also allows to create PDF files. Apparently, this 2D drafting tool from Dassault Systemes is a complete drafting solution for everyone – from a student to a professional.

Any type of design can be drafted using DraftSight, drafting software. It is available online and can be downloaded in two versions. One is free version which anyone can use as a trial and the other is professional version which costs a few hundred bucks. There are pros and cons of both the versions. You can go through them in advance to know more about each one of them in detail.

Pros and cons of free version

Let us start with the pros and then move on to the cons of using a free version of DraftSight.

  • Fast and Lightweight – DraftSight from Dassault Systemes is a simple to use drafting software. It is fast and lightweight in terms of footprint and system resources. It increases the work speed and saves a lot of time and efforts.
  • Easy to use Interface – There is a clean interface that is easy to understand and use. Even a non-technical person without much knowledge about the DraftSight software can use it. And if a person has past CAD software experience, then they can handle and work with it like a breeze. It's simple to utilise.
  • Customisable Interface – The interface is customisable and can run even small script macros. This is apparently being improved with every new version released by Dassault. The CAD software is helpful for everyone and in every task related to 2D drafting.

Now, let's move onto discuss few cons of using a Free Version of DraftSight. They are not major ones, but still cause inconvenience to the user:

Setting the library files local setting doesn't have much impact on the directory. It causes inconvenience. And it is one of the concerns that need to be addressed by the Dassault Systemes.

Keyboard short cuts behavior also causes trouble to the users. Though it's not a major problem, it still makes the operations troublesome.

Pros and cons of professional version

The PROS of professional version are no different from free version. However, there are many advantages people can avail if they opt for this version.

It runs almost all types of languages such as LISP, VBA, VB.net, C++, add-in applications, etc. Not all the drafting software or 3D CAD Software available in the market can run so many languages.

The price is just $250 for a seat. The amount is payable by an individual. Do you think it's too high? Not really, right?

The cons of professional version are as follows:

  • The price seems too less for one seat but could go up to $1250 just for 5 seats. For an individual or two, $250 is okay, but for 5 people, it looks too costly though.
  • There are number of bugs that need to be corrected. If there are any people with API functions and AutoCAD experience using DraftSight, they have to be careful with the functionalities.

Support system can provide with sluggish and vague response at times. Though, most of the times, the support team handles the issues fairly and quickly, sometimes it could be real messy and annoying.

The pros and cons of using free and professional versions are listed above. You can pick the version you think is more feasible for you. Because, at the end, it's you who's going to draft the 2D designs using the DraftSight from Dassault Systemes.


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