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Drager FPS 7000 RP with Drinking Device

Supplier: Dräger

The new Dräger FPS 7000 RP with drinking device allows the use of a camel back device for hydration during an emergency.


Fire in tunnels, mines and subway shafts are extreme situations which demand maximum resilience from man and material. Mining and tunnel construction are fraught with hidden dangers. Simply following legal guidelines, regulations and standards is no guarantee for safety. This is why Dräger continuously researches and develops new products which not only meet but even exceed legislative and standard requirements.


The Dräger FPS 7000 full-face mask is the latest Dräger development in terms of safety and wearing comfort. The design of the full face mask offers a large, optimised field of vision, while the availability of multiple different sizes ensures the mask fits comfortably and securely.


The FPS 7000 is used day in and day out by rescue teams either in training or in anger. Temperatures within mines or tunnels where there is a fire can sore to extreme levels which make search and rescue even more difficult if you yourself are put at risk of dehydration and fatigue. Now the FPS 7000 RP mask features a drinking device which is used in conjunction with a CamelBak reservoir allowing the user not only the extra comfort of being able to consume water but being able to perform at their peak and stay hydrated and avoid fatigue and possible dehydration in these extreme conditions.


Getting a comfortable and correct fit can be difficult with some masks. Users of Dräger masks do not have this problem. The mask body, which is made of either hypoallergenic silicone or EPDM, provides an especially comfortable fit, while the ergonomic head harness and double sealing line ensures a secure fit on all face shapes and contours.


The simple maintenance of all mask parts make the Dräger FPS 7000 not only economical and easy to service, but also flexible and versatile in its use.