Drug Dispensing System - Methadose

Supplier: Argus Solutions

"Maximize the accuracy of drug dispensing while minimizing administrative effort"

When it comes to dispensing pharmaceuticals, there is simply no margin for error. Dispensing the incorrect drug to a patient - or any drug to the wrong patient - can result in legal or fatal consequences.

Methadose ("method of dosing") is an integrated system for the monitoring and administering of Methadone and other controlled substances using the unparalleled identification accuracy of Iris Recognition.

Eliminating the inefficient manual processes associated with Methadone dispensing, Methadose completes all statutory reporting requirements automatically.

The accuracy offered by Iris Recognition removes the margin for error in patient identification and our Masterflex pump is capable of dispensing liquids to 0.25mL accuracy, virtually eliminating the possibility of human error.

Reducing the time taken to dispense Methadone to less than a minute, Methadose also offers an attractive business opportunity via an increase in patient numbers with no extra input.

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