DSRT Strain Links

Supplier: Sensorsafe

DSRT strain links from Baumer are screwed onto the surfaces of machines that are under pressure. In these positions they detect linear strains. Thanks to a calibration of the complete system, the extension can be converted into a force. Since they only need to be screwed, strain links are easy to install.

Therefore, they provide a good alternative to strain gauges (S/G) that are glued directly onto the machine or to load cells that have to be integrated into the machine. This particular task often proves to be complicated and cost-intensive.

Using a strain link can save between 40 and 90 minutes, compared to the glued S /G. The strain link can also be screwed onto the machine again easily after needing service.

The sensor is reliable with small as well as superimposed strains. The special geometry of the measuring element transforms the extension mechanically, which results in higher resolutions.

Additionally, the optimised design of the measuring element allows to decouple bendings and torsions from the linear extension. Hence, they do not influence the measurement results. Due to an integrated amplifier, the design of the sensor is very compact.

With the taring function of the amplifier the sensor can be reset at any time. Strain links are used for easy force measurements and overload cut-offs. Their main applications are presses and die cutters as well as machine tools or heavy vehicle construction.

Special Features of DSRT Strain Links:

  • Strain sensors for screwing onto a surface.
  • Specially optimised measuring element records extensions via full bridge.
  • Torsions and bendings do not influence measurment results.
  • Integrated amplifier with electric current or voltage output as well as CANopen interface.
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