Dunlop Abrasion Resistant Sheet Rubber | 40 & 60 Durometer Hardness

Supplier: Apex Fenner

The Dunlop Abrasion Resistant rubber lining range incorporates two cured products in various thicknesses that both utilise a bonding layer for better rubber to metal adhesion.

Dunlop 40 – wet application only:

  • Standard Grade Rubber primarily designed for sliding abrasion with small particles, typically less than 4mm.

Main features:

  • Extremely high wear resistance against slurried materials, slurry or tailings hoses, and pipes
  • Nominal particle sizes:1mm – 10mm maximum can be accepted

Dunlop 60 main features:

  • Medium grade rubber primarily designed with high wear resistance
  • Used in demanding applications when the wear surface is exposed to a combination of sliding, crushing or abrasive wear
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