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Dust control booth

Supplier: Donaldson Filters

For industrial processes such as grinding, cutting, sanding, abrasive blasting, welding and powder coating.


The Donaldson Downflo Work Station (DWS) provides a complete method of
collecting dust and controls the designated environment around the source with a containment booth that rapidly collects the airborne dust with a highly  efficient filtration system.

Productivity, product quality, and OH&S can all be measurably enhanced with
this dust collection system.

The DWS operates with its self-contained work area and choice of two fans
(5.5kW, 48m/min for regular use, or 4W, 30m/min for powder coating).

Four proprietary filter cartridge options are available: Ultra-Web, Ultra-Web
FR, Ultra-Tek and Torit-Tex. These deliver the highest of filtration efficiency
for a wide range of dust types, while creating a cross-flow of air that keeps
workers comfortable. A louvered inlet can be changed from high to low level.

A choice of three different overhead lighting configurations is offered, while
built-in sound-dampening panels reduce noise both inside and outside the
booth, making the Donaldson ECB the most comprehensive collection solution of its kind.

The acoustic panels are made from fire-retardant washable materials, and come in silver or white.  Flush-mounted lighting can be optionally fitted with hinged lenses for increased visibility and easy lamp replacement.

Minimal maintenance is required to maintain the booth as there are few ledges inside the booth on which dust can settle.

Pulse cleaning of the filters, with an optional control panel for delaying the
pulse cleaning until after the shift, minimises workers exposure to dust and
noise and results in less frequent filter changes.

With pulse cleaning significantly extending filter life and minimising the
worker’s exposure to dust, when a filter change is necessary the optional colour coded Magnehelic gauge indicates exactly when a service is necessary, while a dust drawer allows easy removal of collected dust.

Front access to the power module allows the booth to be placed against a wall while retaining access to the power module from inside the booth. Installation of the booth requires no ductwork, further reducing installation costs and time.

DWS’s non-sparking aluminium airfoil wheel has a highly efficient, quiet design which reduces operational expenses and noise. An optional compact  spark trap provides excellent control of sparks, further enhancing safety and increasing usable booth space.

The Donaldson Environmental Control Booth is constructed form heavy duty 14- and 16-gauge steel guaranteeing years of service, and because the ECB recirculates clean air, the need for costly make-up air is eliminated.