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Dust, Fume & Mist Collection - Cartridge Collectors

Supplier: Donaldson Filters

In the 1970’s, the Torit TD was the first dust collection system to use pulse-jet, self-cleaning cartridge filter technology developed by the Donaldson Company.


Then in the early 80’s Torit again set the standard in dust collection by taking full advantage of the law of gravity with the introduction of the Downflo® dust collector, delivering extremely high collection efficiency while consuming less energy. Today we have 10 distinct collector lines and over 15 different filter cartridges.

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Downflo® Oval 1™ Collectors

The Torit DCE Downflo Oval 1 dust collector provides a 25% increase in airflow capacity, improved airflow path and 29% increase in pulse cleaning pressure in a compact, high-efficiency collector using unique, oval-shaped filters.

There are 26 Downflo Oval 1 models to choose from. Now welcoming three new models; DFO 1-1, DFO 2-2, and DFO 3-3, which are self-contained, “plug and play” type units.

Downflo Oval 1 Collectors.pdf

Downflo II® Collectors

The Torit DCE Downflo II dust collector revolutionized dust collection in the 1980’s with a patented downward airflow design that delivers high filtration efficiency while consuming less energy.

Each of these 23 Downflo II collectors and 13 filter cartridge designs are engineered to work together as a system for optimum filtration efficiency.

Downflo DFT Collectors.pdf

Environmental Control Booth™ (ECB)

The Torit DCE Environmental Control Booth is ideal for finishing large and irregularly shaped parts, and is specially designed to remove fine airborne dust without interfering with workers movement or visibility.

The unique booth design is complete with lighting, sound proofing and built-in dust collection. It requires no ductwork, and safely re-circulates the cleaned air for reduced energy costs.

Environmental Control Booth.pdf

Downdraft Bench

The Torit DCE Downdraft Bench combines a ruggedly constructed work surface with a choice of six (6) different Torit-Built® filter cartridges.

Other standard features are a fluorescent light fixture and large capacity dust drawers. The Downdraft Bench is ideal for polishing, hand sanding, dry buffing and steel grinding.

Now available is the Downdraft Bench 800 that incorporates the larger unit features but is designed for finishing smaller parts. Available in two sizes.

Downdraft Bench DB-2000&DB-3000.pdf

Ambient Air Tubesheet

The Torit DCE Ambient Air Tubesheet is a unique filtration unit that is designed to be used as the pre-filter in existing or built-up air handling and HVAC systems.

Ambient Air Tubesheets offer an excellent alternative in industrial environments where ambient dust loading is too high for standard HVAC panel-type filters.

Ambient Air Tube Sheet Collectors.pdf

The Original Torit Cartridge Collector

The Torit DCE TD is a continuous-duty style dust collector using standard pulse-jet technology for on-line filter cleaning.

TD collectors offer efficient filtration for applications ranging in size from 300 – 2000 cfm. TD collectors require up to 25% less headroom and are easy to operate and maintain.

TD Cartridge Collectors.pdf

Siloair Collector

The Siloair collector offers advanced materials technology and high performance reverse jet cleaning to provide an effective silo-venting solution for virtually all types of powders and granules.

This combined with the low maintenance of no-tool cartridge removal, exceptional durability, high dust load capability and low emission levels, has made the Siloair one of the best selling filters in its field

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