Eden Non-contact Sensor

Supplier: Sensorsafe

Eden is a new non-contact sensor using dynamic signal transmission. The sensor operates to Cat.4 and has an extended sensing distance. Several Eden sensors and light beams can be connected in the same safety circuit and dynamically monitored by the Vital controller.

Eden - Adam and Eve is a non contact switch for interlocked gates, hatches etc. A coded signal is transmitted from Vital via Adam to Eve which modifies the signal and sends it back again. The maximum sensing distance between Adam and Eve is 10mm.

Up to 30 Edens can be connected in series and still archive the safety Category 4 according to EN 954-1. Eden can also be connected in series with light beams and emergency stops achieving the same high safety level in the control circuit.

Adam is available with cable lengths up to 10m and with M12 connectors. The LED on Adam provides indication of three different conditions, contact/non contact between Adam and Eve and safety status. The same information is available via the cable from Adam.

Features of Eden Non-contact Sensor:

  • IP 67
  • Long sensing distance
  • Dynamic signal transmission
  • Cat. 4 even with up to 30 Eden in series to Vital

Applications of Eden Non-contact Sensor:

  • Gates
  • Hatches
  • Position control
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