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Energy and electricity providers include licensed suppliers that own and operate high-voltage transmission lines, energy and electricity distributors as well as retailers who are licensed to sell gas or electricity. The open competition in the power industry means that businesses and householders have a choice about who they buy their electricity and natural gas from. Customers can choose to remain with their current retailer or switch to another retailer which can offer a deal that better suits their needs.

Clients who wish to save money on energy and electricity can opt for bundling electricity and natural gas services. Some energy and electricity providers even partner with communication providers and offer the alternative of bundling electricity, natural gas as well as phone services for an even greater saving.  

Apart from providing energy and electricity, energy and electricity providers also partner with dealers of electric and natural gas appliances providers through which customers can purchase  quality heating, cooling and hot water systems at competitive pricing with installation, warranties as well as various after sales services.

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