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Flexible Joint Solution for Coal Dryer

Supplier: HMA Group
17 November, 2014

No more coal dust accumulation within the DEKOMTE Expansion Joint Solution!

In a coal dryer system, flexible joints are used on inlets and outlets of the gas recirculating fans. These joints are primarily to isolate vibration to the structure and some minor thermal expansion.

In this case study, the coal dryer system runs at 160 deg C°, at approx. 10kPa, with the fans conveying a hot inert gas with entrained coal dust. 
If the coal dusts settle or accumulate in the expansion joint cavity and bolster space, this will spontaneously combust when the inert coal dryer gets turned off and the dryer returns to normal ambient conditions, i.e. normal 21 per cent O2 air. Hence it is of utmost importance that the expansion joint internal design does not allow coal dust to accumulate. The client has had smouldering coal dust and failures of fabric joints in the past, so bolsters and liners will have to be suitable or to have a suitable alternate design.
The new and improved bolster design and construction and added an inner barrier joint to seal the cavity and connect the liner to the adjacent duct. The fabric composition has been selected to give a durable and reliable long life with important quality construction
The Flexible Joint Solution will resist smouldering ash from degrading and entering into the expansion joint cavity.