Gage and Absolute Pressure - The SITHANS P300

Supplier: Sensorsafe

The SITRANS P300 is a digital pressure transmitter for gage and absolute pressure.

 All conventional thread versions are available as process connections. In addition, Various hygiene-based connections and flange connections with front-flush diaphragms meet the requirements of a dead space free process connection.

The output signal is a load-independent direct current From 4 to 20 mA or a PF-IOFIBUS PA signal, which is linearly proportional to the input pressure. Communication is over HART protocol or over PROFIBUS PA interface. Convenient buttons for easy local operation of the basic settings of the pressure transmitter.

The SITHANS P300 has a single-chamber stainless steel casing. The pressure transmitter is approved with ‘intrinsically safe‘ type oi protection It can be used in zone 1 or zone 0.


  • High quality and long life
  • High reliability even under extreme chemical and mechanical loads
  • Extensive diagnosis and simulation functions
  • Minimum conformity error
  • Small long-term drift
  • Wetted parts made of high-grade materials (such as siainless steel, Hastelloy)
  • Measuring range 8 mbar to 400 bar
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Parameterization over control keys and HART communication or PHOFIBUS PA communication

The pressure transmitter is available in versions for gage pressure and for absolute pressure. The output signal is always a load-independent direct current from 4 to 20 mA or a PROFIBUS PA signal, which is linearly proportional to the input pressure. The pressure transmitter measures aggressive, nonaggressive and hazardous gases, as well as vapors and liquids.

It can be used for the following measurement types:

  • Gage pressure
  • Absolute pressure

With appropriate parameter settings, it can also be used for the following additional measurement types:

  • Level
  • Volume
  • Mass

The ‘intrinsically-safe‘ EEx version of the transmitter can be installed in hazardous areas (zone 1). The transmitters are provided with an EC type examination certificate and comply with the respective harmonized European standards of ATEX.

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