Gas Burners | Nu-Way & Bentone

Supplier: Hurll Nu-Way

Industrial gas burners ranging from 400 kW to 20 mW capacity (Nu-Way UK) and smaller domestic sizes of 20 kW to industrial burners of 2500 kW (Bentone, Sweden).

Features and Benefits of Nu-Way and Bentone Gas Burners:

  • Nu-Way and Bentone Gas Burners are energy saving and comaptible with European environmental requirements and AGA approved.
  • Quiet in operation and easy to maintain.
  • Designed for two stage operation and are available for natural gas, LPG and biogas. Modulating control as a standard.
  • Gas burners are suited for commercial hot water boiler systems, steam boiler systems, bakery ovens and a variety of dryers and furnaces.

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