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GC-1 Humidity Chamber & Calibration System

Supplier: GE Sensing

The large 4 cubic chamber offers NIST traceable calibration capabilities. The large volume chamber controlled by GE's chilled mirror technology offers RH instrumentation OEMs increased calibration volume capabilities and savings.


The GC-1 is based on the proven divided flow technology made popular in the Model C-1 RH generator, GE Sensing's portable RH test chamber.

Divided flow in the time domain excels as a reliable method for accurately controlling relative humidity at a fixed temperature.

The user supplies a source of dry gas to the generator and provides distilled water as necessary. The desired RH is selected on the front panel.

Relative humidity is automatically controlled by time proportioning a fraction of a constant flow dry air stream through a saturator and into a mixing chamber.

The saturated air rejoins the remaining dry air and mixes to the desired RH value before flowing into the test chamber.

The large chamber will accommodate numerous RH probes or several humidity recorders for efficient, simultaneous calibration.

The GC-1's continuous digital control, using a built-in GE Industrial Systems' chilled mirror dew point hygrometer, makes the GC-1 a traceable relative humidity transfer standard with which to calibrate other devices.

Therefore, calibrations meeting the requirements of ANSI Z540-1-1994, MIL-STD 45662A, 10CFR-50 and ISO 9001 may be performed.

Included with the GC-1 is the ProstepTM software package which allows the user's computer to automatically control the entire calibration cycle via a standard RS-232 serial port.

Features & Benefits of GC-1 Humidity Chamber & Calibration System:

  • Built-in chilled mirror hygrometer for continuous control
  • NIST and CETIAT traceability
  • Large 4 cubic foot capacity chamber to accommodate RH instruments
  • Continuous digital control
  • Prostep software for fully automatic calibrations
  • Fluid-jacketed constant temperature chamber
  • Fast, convenient, and cost effective method to calibrate RH equipment
  • Clear Plexiglass chamber lid
  • Casters for convenience and greater mobility
  • Available in Standard and Variable Temperature models
  • Variable-temperature Model includes chiller

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