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GE has united the technological innovation and experience of industry leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced sensing and measurement solutions into one world-class business - GE Sensing. We have operations around the world, offers a broad range of products and services that help customers solve challenges and drive productivity. GE Sensing's precision instruments and systems measure temperature, pressure, liquid level, humidity, gas concentration and flow for applications ranging from environmental, medical and pharmaceutical to automotive, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical.Using technologies such as silicon micromachining, infared detection and ultrasonics. GE Infrastructure Sensing helps customers monitor, protect, control and validate their critical processes and applications. GE Druck, GE General Eastern, GE Kaye, GE NovaSensor, GE Panametrics, GE Thermometrics and GE Ruska are now under one name: GE Sensing. |Promo message
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In today's challenging world, there is an increasing demand to monitor, protect, control and ensure the safety of critical applications with highly accurate and reliable data. As a result, new and more rigorous technologies are needed for critical sensing and measurement products, systems and services to ensure operational efficiencies and control. Today, GE is fast becoming a leader in the design, development and delivery of sensing elements, measurement devices and instrumentation, and quality services that verify, validate and certify our customers' critical processes and global operations in a variety of markets.

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