Gravity & Power Conveyor Rollers

We are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of rollers for all conveyor applications.

We provide standard and built to order rollers that suit most conveyor types. Contact us for details.

Gravity Rollers

Rollers for Gravity Conveyors are available in PVC (Light Duty), Steel (Medium and Heavy Duty) and Stainless Steel. They can be supplied in 16mm,20mm,25mm,32mm,50mm,60.3mm,76mm and 89mm diameters.

We supply rollers with round, D, “Q” Shaft, hexagonal and tapped or threaded shafts in a number of materials and diameters. Rollers can be fitted with a variety of bearings types for different applications.

Line Shaft Rollers

We provide rollers for line shaft systems with either hexagonal or round shafts. They are available in PVC,Steel or Stainless Steel depending on the intended application. Differing bearing types are also available.

Rollers with either single or double grooves are available for line shaft applications.

Sprocket Driven Rollers

Rollers with sprocket drives are available in 50 and 60.3mm diameter with either fixed or friction type drives. Plastic or steel, single and dual row 1/2” pitch BS sprockets are able to be provided.

We also supply rollers in 20 and 32mm fitted with 6mm DIN Sprockets as well as 32mm rollers with 3/8” BS Sprockets.

90mm diameter rollers are manufactured with 5/8” BS welded steel sprockets.

Tapered Rollers for Curves

These are similar to the above rollers but are fitted with polypropylene tapered segments. Plastic or steel dual row 1/2” pitch BS sprockets are able to be provided. 20mm diameter rollers fitted with tapered segments are available with 6mm 17T DIN sprockets. Please note that we do not recommend accumulation in curves.

Tapered rollers can also be supplied for gravity and line shaft systems.



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