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How to repair roads damaged by rain and flood waters

Supplier: Earthco Projects
19 September, 2016

Residents in Victoria’s worst hit regions have breathed a sigh of relief as the flood threat to homes eases, but roads have borne the brunt of days of heavy rain.

Last week, some parts of Victoria received more than a month's worth of rain in just two days. Major flooding in central Victoria caused headaches at Skipton and Clunes and areas along the Loddon River, with landslips and fallen trees also causing sections of the Great Ocean Road to close. 

As the rain eases, council road crews are busy repairing the damage. Bagged asphalt repair supplier Earthco Projects has experienced a peak in demand for fast-acting road repair solution QPR.

"We've had to put on extra staff to handle demand from both local government and the domestic market,” said Olivia Zan from Earthco Projects.

"QPR is ready made cold asphalt that comes in a bag or pail. It's the fastest way to fill freeway potholes and damaged asphalt on driveways, and it's a permanent fix so the repaired section won't fail again.”

Olivia says one of the most convenient benefits of QPR is that road crews can apply it to water-filled potholes and they don't have to wait until the rain eases to use the product to repair damaged roads.

Victoria's Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley warned more rain is expected to fall this week. With 188 roads closed, council work crews will be busier than ever.

QPR pothole repair is available online at or call 1800 790 907 for a quote.