Incinerators | Drug Terminator | For Disposal of Illicit Drugs

Drug Terminator is an innovative easy to use an incinerator, specifically designed for safe efficient disposal of confiscated drugs and sensitive documents.

Drug Terminator is used by local Law Enforcement when other disposal options are limited.

Drug Terminator is timber of charcoal fired. Two high velocity electric blowers create a cyclone of intense heat eliminating illicit drugs quickly and completely.

The volume of ash is reduced to an average of 1 per cent ash.

The Drug Terminator has been developed from the Waste Incinerators - Portable | Smart Ash. Over two thousand Waste Incinerators - Portable | Smart Ash are in use around the world.

Specifications of Incinerators | Drug Terminator:

  • Construction: Stainless Steel Lid, Painted tubular Steel Frame, 2-Blowers, Axial Vane 220V
  • Requirements: 205Ltr Steel Open Head Drum
  • Weight: 45kg Without Drum
  • Height: 116cm
  • Floor Space: With Drum 91 x 66 cm
  • Average Burn Rate: 25kg/HR 

Requirements for Incinerators | Drug Terminator:

  • Electrical: 120 Volt or 240 Volt
  • Location: Exterior

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