Inductive Distance Measuring Sensors

Supplier: Sensorsafe

Often there is only very limited space available for sensors and actuators in apparatuses and mobile devices. The new distance measuring Series IWFM 08 inductive sensors address exactly these applications. With their compact outer dimension of only 4.7 x 8 x 16 mm they fit into the tiniest slots.

Thanks to the integrated 0… 10 V output, the sensor can be connected directly to the analog inputs of a control system, without using a measuring board or processing unit. The resulting reduction of hardware and installation costs are obvious.

Another attribute that characterizes the IWFM 08 is its robustness. The metal housing prevents damage during installation or operations to a large extent, which positively influences the maintenance costs in the long term.

Due to the high linearity and repeat accuracy, the IWFM 08 records linear movements of up to 2 mm with high precision.

The described characteristics have already proved to be of value with existing Baumer sensors used in robotic grippers, operating controls for cranes and lifters as well as machine tools. Now these features are also available in the compact housing of the IWFM 08.

Special Features of Inductive Distance Measuring Sensors:

  • Compact size
  • Robust metal housing
  • Integrated 0… 10 V output
  • High linearity and repeat accuracy
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