International trip rental for intermediate bulk liquids

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
09 February, 2010

Shipping intermediate bulk liquids from Australia has been the domain of the bottle-in-cage IBC for a number of years, not least because of the fact that there is often a ready made second hand market in the receiving country.

With cleaning costs rising, and with environmental concerns about disposal on the increase, GEP Bulk Containers, based in Singapore, has experienced rapid growth of its re-usable non-hazardous returnable bag-in-box IBC business. 

SBH Solutions' Australian designed all-metal Lite 1100 (nicknamed by GEP as the "Cube") it now has a large volume Pool operating mainly in Asia.

"We have now a number of in-bound contracts commencing into Australia and building into 2009," says General Manager Peter Lai. 

SBH Solutions is working at the Australian end of the Pool, looking for operators who want to export volume product to start with into Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

"International Trip Rental involves paying for a set amount of days and can be very cost effective when compared to the alternative of buying an IBC," says Nigel Smalls, CEO of SBH Solutions.

"We would anticipate significant savings for movements into that Region, and as time goes on, the intention is for the network to expand worldwide."

Businesses with significant bulk liquid movements per annum are the target, as at this time the cost of delivering and picking up small numbers is prohibitive.

The Lite / Cube is just one of a range of liquid and dry goods intermediate bulk containers and specialist logistics containers designed and manufactured or supplied by IBC Solutions.

The Cube is International Safe Transit Authority certified. For more information, please contact SBH Solutions on 08 7122 1114.

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