Is your factory running at peak productivity level?

Supplier: Stream Australia
09 December, 2011

Maybe your compressed air system is holding you back.

Running a factory? Managing employees? Starting and finishing major jobs? The piping you use for your compressed air systems seems like such a small detail.

But we all know: It's the little things that make you lose time and money. Minor leaks eat away at your business and give your competitors a price and productivity advantage and one costly leak you MUST stop is losses in your compressed air system, by using Maxair.

Why does this super tough product work better than all the others?

Powerful under pressure.

Maxair pipe is made with SUPER-HEAVY-DUTY pipe wall, with a 2:1 safety factor in wall thickness. This thickness is calculated on HIGH pressure of 235psi at 20ºC.

Designed with a pressure rating of PN 25, (the highest rating in Australia), Maxair pipe gives you a higher flow and air pressure, and more power from your air tools.

Your entire system is tough and tidy...

Let's face it, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That's why we offer the option of welded joints made from the same robust material as the pipe. This ensures a system that is leakfree to deliver all the compressed air where you want it - right to your tools and while you're getting the job done, your compressor won't be working non-stop to top up leaks. Less wear and tear means your air costs LESS, so there's MORE in your pocket.

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Find out how Maxair polymer pipe outperforms galvanised iron, copper and other plastic pipes to play a vital role in the flow of your factory. Under the toughest conditions. With the safest operation. Complying to ALL relevant Australian Standards.

Pipe gripes

The unseen cost of those steel pipes...

Your steel pipes look good on the OUTSIDE, so you think everything is fine. But your expensive filters keep blocking up.


The moisture in compressed air rusts the inside of the pipes.

The rust constantly flakes off, travels downtream clogging your filters again and again.

Even worse - when fine particles get through, they damage your expensive machinery. Ouch.

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