JSNY9 Safety Switch

Supplier: Sensorsafe

The JSNY9 is used for locking a gate/hatch, to prevent access to machinery, until hazardous operations have ceased.

Features of JSNY9 Safety Switch:

  • Compact and robust
  • Universal installation
  • 2 x (1 NO + 1 NC)
  • Actuator holding force 1000 N
  • Eight head configurations
  • LED status indication

Optional Features of JSNY9 Safety Switch:

  • LED display, indicating the status of the actuator key, locking mechanism and contacts.
  • Actuator to operate at smaller radius
  • Customer specific applications

Applications of JSNY9 Safety Switch:

  • Processes which cannot be interrupted, e.g. welding.
  • Machinery with a long stopping time, e.g. paper machinery which requires a long braking operation.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to a particular area.
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