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JumboFlex - A Revolutionary Vacuum Tube Lifter ...

Supplier: Millsom Materials Handling
11 May, 2010

Who ever thought that one vacuum lifting unit could be so versatile? Schmalz, thats who with the NEW Vacuum Lifter 'Jumbo Flex' you will be amazed.

JumboFlex, the new vacuum tube lifter, is ideal for the frequent and very rapid movement of lighter goods, i.e. those with a weight of up to 35 kg. Used in combination with the company’s easy-to-move slewing cranes and crane systems made of aluminium, this item in the Schmalz catalogue delivers a perfect handling solution with ergonomic and simple single-hand operation.

Technical specifications

Capacity: up to 35 kg
Lifting hose diameter: 100 mm
Vacuum generation: Electrical vacuum pump or pneumatic multi-stage ejector
Lifting height: 1500 mm
Total height: approx. 2500 mm
Lift speed: 50 m/min to 60 m/min

Vacuum suction pads

A range of suction pads is available for the different applications of the vacuum tube lifter. Double suction pads are available in addition to the single and sack suction pads depicted here.

The extensive palette of grippers enables you to safely and securely handle a large variety of workpieces, such as boxes, sacks, barrels, cans, furniture bodies, rolls of film and foil, etc.


The product range is rounded off by a large number of accessories:

  • wireless remote control
  • silencer box for pump
  • protective tube
  • dust filter
  • motor protection switch, etc

Innovative operating unit

  • Controller integrated in the operating unit
  • Ergonomically optimised grip shape
  • Equally easy to use for right-handed and left-handed users
  • Sensitive regulation and control of lift speed
  • Single operating unit for activation/deactivation and load release
  • Integrated quick-change mechanism

Tube lifter features quick-change mechanism as standard component
Permits the suction pads to be changed in a second without the need for tools

The load can be picked up flexibly

The suction pad’s 90° swivel range enables you to attach the tube lifter pick up workpieces from the side
After being picked up, workpieces are automatically swivelled into a horizontal position

Rotation without limits

JumboFlex vacuum tube lifter can be rotated in any direction without limits
Picked up workpieces can also be rotated without limits below the operating unit; locking possible in steps of 90°

Benefits at a glance

  • Quick, ergonomic handling
  • Increased productivity
  • Impressive flexibility thanks to completely unimpeded mobility
  • Handling of workpieces without damaging them
  • Ideal for rooms with low ceilings
  • Safe working environment

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