Laboratory Test Equipment

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Laboratory equipment and supplies exists for a number of general scientific applications as well as specific testing processes. Most scientific test equipment is designed for a specific testing procedure on a particular class of substances. Distributers also sell laboratory supplies and accessories for consumable products or fragile components.

Applications of laboratory equipment are numerous from analysing the composition of a hydrocarbon compound, measuring the electrical resistance of a device, to determining the strength properties of a material. One simple example of a laboratory instrument is a microscope, which is a device that is used to observe and investigate samples of small objects.

Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment is a leading Australian manufacturer of scientific, medical and research equipment, located in Marrickville, just outside the Sydney CBD. The well know brand name ‘Labec’ has been part of the Australian market place now since 1945. Over this time, Labec have developed a range of products to suit applications where temperature and atmosphere control are paramount. Our products ...