LAMBDA Deflection Flow Meters

Supplier: Inquip

LAMBDA is an electronic feed rate measuring device for fine, dry and free-flowing materials.

It consists of a closed carbon or stainless steel casing with upper flanged spigot and lower flange connection, as well as an internally mounted inclined plate with a rear mounted load cell and an optional hardware module including software for visualization of real-time data readings.


LAMBDA operates through deflection of the material flow onto the inclined plate linked to the off-centre load cell. The measuring unit connected with the load cell continuously reads the feed rate.

Throughput measuring and batch metering may occur either continuously or for finite quantities of materials with a maximum particle size of 10mm (½ in) and good flowability properties. LAMBDA is particularly useful where space is limited and weighing needs to be carried out in the shortest time possible.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

  • Accuracy of ± 2-3% on the batch with sufficiently free-flowing dry material and with maximum feed rate oscillation allowed of ± 25 %
  • Feed rates ranging from 1 to 100m³/h (0.6 to 58.9 cfm)
  • Displays instantaneously hourly throughput and total amount of material intercepted
  • Conversion time: 5 measures per second
  • Weigh range: 0 ¿ 9.999 kg (0 - 22 lbs)
  • Data input with set point, decimal place location, digital filter and real-time compensation

Options & Accessories

Hardware module (with related software) for feed rate measuring complete with 110-230 V (AC) power supply and 20,000 points A /D converter.

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