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LED Lighting Towers | JLG

Supplier: JLG Industries (Australia)

JLG has expanded its lighting tower fleet with the recent launch of their two new LED Lighting Towers, the LED-6 and LED-8, which both offer a host of features that make light work of any lighting task.


Performance and support make JLG Led Lighting Towers the bright choice.

Features of JLG LED Lighting Towers:

  • These include low fuel usage from large 288 litre fuel tanks which provide over 200 hours use between refuelling.
  • 48V DC 'extra low voltage' systems which eliminate the need for 'Tag and Test' by an electrician
  • Easy-to-replace light strips in each individual quick-disconnect light head.
  • A hydraulic articulating telescopic mast which rotates 350°, allowing increased outreach and easy positioning of lights, and mast elevation up to 8 metres.
  • Up to 250 hours run time.

According to Arron Cooper, Product Manager at JLG Industries, the combination of extra low voltage high output LED lights and fuel efficient engines, coupled with the addition of auto start/stop controllers, has greatly reduced fuel consumption, allowing the units to run longer between refuelling, and is providing major cost savings for JLG customers.

"Other recent technological developments include sound proofing, quieter running engines and new exhaust systems resulting in reduced noise levels," Arron added.

"In addition, the use of satellite GPS and Next G connected telematic systems on lighting tower units is growing, especially in regional and remote locations. The future is likely to bring further improvements in LED lighting capabilities and technologies which will deliver even greater fuel efficiency, larger lighting capability, lower cost of ownership and better return on investments."

As always at JLG, customer satisfaction is a top priority and Cooper said that feedback received during 'Voice of Customer' visits showed that JLG's products and support tick all the boxes.