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A light fitting is a mechanical connection point between a light bulb and its power supply. In many cases these fittings take the form of screw-in socket that securely holds the bulb in place while connecting it to mains or household power lines.

Other types of bulbs (such as florescent tube or halogen lights) require a special power conditioner in order to properly function. These light fittings may use slotted or push-in connectors instead. In any case, light fixtures are designed to only accept bulbs that are compatible with the power supply, ensuring proper pairing.

Light fixtures are enclosures for light fittings and typically include some sort of diffuser or shade. The shade is used to soften the light emitted by the bulb, and to distribute it more evenly across the room; often designed with aesthetics in mind and rated for a maximum wattage.

Light switches are devices that allow or interrupt the flow of electricity to a light. They may also add variable levels of resistance to the flow, to provide a dimming effect and must be properly designed to handle current (amperes) that pass through.

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