Liquid Level & Leakage Sensors - FODK 23

Supplier: Sensorsafe

Imagine the tank containing liquid chemicals starts leaking and nobody notices! Thanks to a new optical sensor for leak monitoring from Baumer, this will only remain in your imagination.

The FODK 23 is screwed or glued onto a floor panel next to the facility that is to be monitored. Typically, only 1ml of liquid on the floor is sufficient for the sensor to react. Therefore, the leak is detected at an early stage, which prevents more severe damage.

The small, round housing of the FODK 23 with integrated evaluation electronics consists entirely of a chemically resistant Teflon PFA sheath. As a result, the sensor is particularly suitable for applications involving discriminating materials.

The clever installation clip made from PRA or PVC allows the sensor to be mounted and dismounted quickly without using any tools. Under normal circumstances the integrated fail-safe strategy provides an active output.

In case of a cable break or another failure, this output changes its state, which can then be evaluated by the system.

Special Features of Liquid Level & Leakage Sensors - FODK 23:

  • Reacts to 1ml of liquid
  • Chemically resitant Teflon PFA sheath
  • Easy to mount due to installation clip
  • Integrated fail-safe strategy
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