Livezi Touchpanel | J-Sightglass

Supplier: Insight Control

The J-Sightglass is an integrated touchpanel wall controller.


  • The software runs on the Livezi Touchpanel connected to a Livezi Lightpoint and/or Smartzone air-conditioning system.
  • The J-Sightglass touchpanel system controller provides an interactive display for all your lighting and air-conditioning functions with fingertip control.
  • It allows you to monitor the system and adjust as required with large easy to read icons.
  • The powerful processing programme allows up to 256 individual air-conditioning and lighting systems with 2048 zones to be connected and controlled through the J-Sightglass touchpanel.
  • J-Sightglass can be configured to display custom background images for each zone. You can even use the touchpanel as a digital photo frame for those favourite moments. 2 USB ports provide quick and easy access for your memory devices.


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