Lockout Kit - Large Size - PLK-3

Supplier: Cirlock

The large size Lockout Kit enables the worker to Lock Out / Tag Out most common energy sources, especially electrical.


  • 1 x LCB-2 Carry Bag
  • 2 x UCL-1 Universal Lockout Device for Miniature CB""s
  • 2 x UCL-2 Universal Lockout Device for Moulded Case CB""s
  • 1 x UCL-5 Universal Lockout Device for Larger Type CB""s
  • 1 x UCL-2-EL Lockout Device for E/L type CB""s
  • 2 x UFL-2 Universal Lockout Device for Fuse Holders
  • 1 x SLH-30 Lockout Hasp
  • 4 x SLP-150-RED Safety Lockout Padlock RED
  • 1 x PLD-1 Small Plug and Hose Lockout Bag
  • 1 x PLD-2 Large Plug Lockout Bag
  • 1 x MFL-2 Cable Lockout Device with 1m steel cable
  • 10 x SDT-1 Danger Tags
  • 5 x SDT-2 Out of Service Tags, Marking Pen, Screwdriver, Cableties
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