Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

Supplier: Sensorsafe

The new, magnetic T and C slot cylinder sensors from Baumer are employed to detect the exact position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders.

Many automation technology applications require pneumatic cylinder movements of to be closely monitored and the exact piston position to be detected.

In order for the sensor to achieve a precise, repeatable switching behavior, each sensors activation sensitivity is exactly defined and individually tested. The compact and rugged plastic housing offering IP 67 protection provides reliable operation even under the harshest and most moist conditions.

The MZTK 06P1003 line of sensors for T slots can be easily and quickly installed in the slot from above. No cylinder disassembly is required, even if both front faces are equipped with installation panels.

The universally applicable standard C and T slot sensors can also be used for round cylinders and cylinders with tie-rods. Baumer offers various accessories which permit this.

The result is a reduction of the required sensor types and a simplification of the warehousing. All sensors are available in PNP or NPN as well as cable or flylead connector versions.

Special Features of Magnetic Cylinder Sensors:

  • T- und C-slots design
  • Applicable for all cylinder types
  • Sensors for quick installation available
  • Various adapters for special slots available
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