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Marine sewage treatment system used aboard Aussie patrol boats

Supplier: HMA Group
17 November, 2014

HMA - POGC has secured a contract with global defense prime contractor Austal to install Severn Trent De Nora's MARINER OMNIPURE series M55 Marine Sewage Systems on eight patrol boats.

The patrol boats are used by Australian Customs and Boarder Protection service. Designed and constructed by Austel, teh boats will be delivered to Australian Customs between 2013 and 2015, all with the MARINER OMNIPURE M5508 system on board

The 58 metre aluminium monohulls making up this new Cape Class patrol fleet will be used to help protect Australia's borders from maritime threats. The vessel can operate at 25 knots and has a range in excess of 4,000 nautical miles. The MARINER OMNIPURE M5508 system is able to treat up to 8,176 litres of black and gray water per day and features a bulkhead-mounted arrangement, a first-of-its-kind, with a zero floorspace footprint.

"Daily activities aboard vessels generate sewage that can contain contaminants that have a detrimental effect on water quality and the overall marine environment. In Australia where environmental protection is key, it is important that the sewage treatment systems used aboard the boats are extremely reliable and effective," says Dana Casbeer, Offshore and Marine Product Line Manager.

"The electrolytic disinfection technology used by the MARINER OMNIPURE generates a powerful oxidant from seawater to effectively disinfect biological wastes, resulting in wastewater effluent quality well within the MEPC.159(55) requirements."

125 MARINER OMNIPURE systems have been installed aboard various vessel types ranging from multipurpose vessels and LNG carriers to PSVs, yachts, fishing vessels and even floating accommodation houses since it was launched in 2010.