Mill gearbox repairs

Supplier: APMS
14 March, 2011

APMS (Australian Production Line Maintenance Services) are in the process of rebuilding/ratioing a Flender Gearbox for a 2700Kw Ball Mill Drive.

The unit had been purchased from a Western Australian mining operation and transported to SA for a new mining operation.

Engineering decided for milling efficiency the Flender Gearbox required ratioing from 8:1 reduction to 9:1 reduction and as part of the rework a complete set of bearings, seals and spacers would be fitted.

As part of this repair APMS would also upgrade the Oil Lube Pump and Filtration so that the rebuilt Mill Gearbox life would be extended.

For any further information regarding this press release please contact Don Murfitt at APMS on 08 8281 9360

Source: AAP NewsWire
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