Multi-Function Workshop Presses - XLP Series

Supplier: Enerpac

Workshop presses used for maintenance applications must be powerful, efficient and safe tools capable of accepting a wide variety of shapes and sizes of work pieces.

Ideally they must offer easy adjustment of the frame daylight opening and ease of operation when adjusting the upper/lower beds, as well as optimal operating speed and safe carriage of loads that are sometimes cumbersome and heavy.

When pressing delicate parts (bearings, gears, etc), accuracy is important. For rough pressing operations, optimal plunger speed is of the essence.

Enerpac’s new XLP-series multifunctional workshop presses are designed to meet all these needs with cost-efficiency and safety. Available in cost-efficient kit form in capacities of 50 and 75 tons, the presses are complemented with a wide selection of power sources from an Enerpac range that has been a global leader in high-force hydraulics for more than 50 years.
The XLP-press is available, for example, with the innovative XA-Series air-over-hydraulic pump with XVARI® Technology, which enables finer and safer control of tasks while completing jobs up to twice as quickly as conventional pumps.

The 700 bar XVARI ® XA features tremendously high oil flow, with its rotating air motor and rotating two-stage pump element giving hydraulic delivery up to 50 per cent higher than conventional pumps with linear motor and single piston.

This pump is easily foot-operated, with no need to fully raise the foot in doing so. Operators can rest bodyweight on their heel, achieving a hands-free and stable working position with safe and controlled press operation.

Features and benefits

  • Multi-functional presses in kit form
  • Height adjustment of lower bed with auto braking winch
  • Width adjustment allows cylinder to move from side-to-side
  • Industrial long life single- or double-acting Golden Ring Design cylinder for reliability and longevity
  • Suitable for delicate pressing jobs with from variable oil flow for fine control.
  • Easy grip forklift access
  • No welded points stressed under load conditions, for structural integrity, longevity and safety.
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