Multi-Process Welder - Multi-Weld 350

Simply speaking, the Multi-Weld 350 packs a lot of power into a compact system.

The Multi-Weld 350 is a 350 amp, DC+, 100% duty cycle welder capable of CV-wire, CC-stick or arc gouging.

Multi-Weld 350s may be used singly or paralleled for 700 amps of superior arc gouging power!

Advantages of Multi-Process Welder - Multi-Weld 350

  • No control cables. Single weld cable output from the Multi-Source to a few or several Multi-Weld 350s.
  • Controls are located close to the operator for quick access.
  • Each Multi-Weld 350 has easy to use controls and a large control knob designed for gloved hands. Two large, bright digital meters for accurate reading of amps and volts.
  • Digital meters show preset values before welding and actual values while welding. Memory holds the values for 5-seconds after welding stops.
  • Additional controls for hot start and arc force behind the hinged door of the Multi-Weld 350.

Physical specifications of Multi-Process Welder - Multi-Weld 350:

  • Weight:27 kgs.
  • Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 295 x 254 x 546

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